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  • Focusly ( – meditation and mindfulness app, psycho-educational and development-oriented resources, relaxation music,

  • Go On ( – music app, Home&Active package, music without ads, pre-made playlists, available in the territory of Poland.


  • Diagnostyka ( – currently 10 preventive health check-up packages to choose from (list available at the link), tests can be done twice a year (every 6 months),

  • Telemedi ( – online consultations with an internal medicine doctor and obesity treatment specialist, available 24/7 with no limits; doctors issue e-prescriptions, medical certificates, and referrals; other services are charged extra at Telemedi,

  • Y2M On-line training ( – online exercises, workouts with 60 top-rated trainers from all over Poland, option to save favorite workouts,

  • City bike NextBike ( – city biking for 60 minutes a day, every day in one session – riding times are not cumulative between trips; included only in the Active&Relax package; available in more than 20 cities across Poland.


  • MultiLife Diet – Diet Creator ( – menu planning depending on dietary goals and needs: strength, muscle building, weight loss, allergies, ready-made diet plans, automatic shopping list generator.


  • Ebooks Legimi ( – unlimited access to e-books and audiobooks in Polish and in English in Legimi’s library subscription; information about e-readers is given in the FAQ at the link provided; Kindle is not supported.

  • Learning platform Youniversity ( – platform with 10-minute personal development and business courses in a range of categories: project management, inspiration, leadership, management, operational excellence, well-being, sales and marketing, remote teams, communication, and relationships.

  • ESKK Online language courses ( – depending on the package, Basic – 1 course per year: English, German or Spanish, Extra – 2 courses: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Chinese.

  • Lerni online language courses ( - available in Extra package, available languages: English, Business English, German, Italian, French, Spanish.

  • Cinema ticket – available only in the Active&Relax package – once every 2 months, you can download a code and redeem it for a ticket in a cinema box office (in arthouse cinemas or multiplexes across Poland); tickets are not cumulative; any unused code is lost and a new code needs to be generated.

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